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Come for the Food



Nothing there. Shapes – which is the block I wanted to explore – are not customizable enough to be useful.

Containers 2

Looking at all component-level container-like blocks. GPRS Container only, with para Just a simple block container, but with many customization options Donec vivamus. Vel donec et scelerisque vestibulum. Condimentum aliquam, mollit magna velit nec, tempor cursus vitae sit aliquet neque purus. Ultrices lacus proin conubia dictum tempus, tempor pede vitae faucibus, sem auctor, molestie diam … Read more


Reevaluating Gutentor after a bad first impression. It really has lots of patterns (in Template Library) that can be used

Kadence Blocks

Prolly one of my faves.
– TOC block does not require refresh
– Posts block supports pages with categories; also allows simple grid display
– Tabs nice

I likey at 11/15/21


Just focusing on images and related blocks here, from all the block pluginis I’m exploring.


Gutentor Tabs (Suck) Kadence Tabs – Best! UAG Tabs – Very Good Getwid Tabs